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Ballistics Division of this laboratory is undertaking examination of various types of cases relating to different laws and statutory IPC, Acts like Arms Act, Explosive Substances Act, TADA(P) Act etc.
These involve:

Firearm:- To ascertain their caliber, make, model, working condition and status of recent firing.

Parts of firearm:- To ascertain their nature, type and whether they come under the Arms Act.

Cartridge & Cartridge case:- To ascertain their caliber, make, and whether live or not and also to establish a link of the fired cartridge case/misfired cartridge to the firearm & crime.

Bullets:- To ascertain their make, caliber, type and to establish a link to the firearm and crime.

Pallets/Wads:- To ascertain their make, size, nature of firearm through which they were discharged and range of firing.

The case statistics of this Division during the year under review areas follows:

Cases/exhibits received
Cases/exhibits reported
Cases/exhibits pending
86 / 694
70 / 277
19 / 417

Pre pending : 3

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