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Chemistry Division deals with the examiniation of :

Explosives, its remnants, residues, components etc.: - To determine the nature, Composition, damage potential, quantitative estimation of explosive used.

Arson and Fire residues: - To know the nature and composition of fire accelerants.

Suspected Petrol, Diesel and other Motor Oils:- To determine whether it is adulterated or not and to find the nature and percentage of the adulterant.

Unknown substances in the form of solids, liquids and gases: - To know the qualitative and quantitative composition.

Suspected Cosmetics. Toiletry, Cement etc:- To know whether they confirm to the specifications of brand or trade mark or spurious.

The case statistics of this Division during the year under review is as follows:

Cases/exhibits received
Cases/exhibits reported
Cases/exhibits pending
128 / 295
127 / 289
4 / 11

Pre pending : 3 / 5

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