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Physics Division is undertaking examination of various types of cases involving IPC, Forest Act, Electricity Act, Universal Testing Machine Motor Vehicle Act, Railway Act, Copyright Act, Cinematography Act etc. It undertakes the examination of:-

Glass Fracture Studies :- To know the origin, direction and causation factors.

Glass pieces and fragments :- To find the nature, composition and whether they match with the control samples.

Paint flakes, chips, cement wood and smears :- To find the nature, composition and whether they match with control samples.

Foot prints, Shoe prints, Tyre Impression, Tool marks :- For identification and matching.

Erased numbers on vehicle etc :- To establish tampering, if any, and to deciphe original numbers.

Spurious articles :- To establish whether the article is an infringement of Trade Mark etc.

During the year under review, the case statistics of this division is as follows:

Cases/exhibits received
Cases/exhibits reported
Cases/exhibits pending
19 / 407
25 / 1356
3 / 156

Pre Pending: 9 / 1105

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